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As an ambitious 25 year old still figuring out parenting and my roll in the adult life I'm determined to get the most out of myself. Right now my main personal values are Challenge, Curiosity, Self-respect, and Belonging.

Every person has an inner voice telling them what they need, it says "wake up now" in the morning it says "don't eat that" when we're full. Growing up means learning that nobody can be that voice for you. You have to learn to hear it, and find the strength to listen over every other voice calling for your attention and telling you what you should and shouldn't be doing.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

I've Been Cleaning In My Sleep Since I Was 11... Okay, It Was Only Once, But Still

I do this in my sleep!
I finished lunch and was going to serve up some vegetables for myself when I checked the table for my plate, it was not there. Looking around the room it was nowhere in sight, I just had that plate where did it go? Unconsciously into the dishwasher, score! My conscious efforts to change my messy habits seem to be taking effect is that awesome or what?

It brings to mind the time I started cleaning my room in my sleep when I was 11. As I fell asleep I looked around the room and decided it needed to be cleaned tomorrow and had a dream I was sitting on the bed stacking books, I put one stack on the floor and started stacking another. I woke up with a book in my hand and peered curiously at the side of the bed, where yes, there was the books I had stacked in my sleep.

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